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What is causing music playback to stop/pause unexpectedly?


I have Motorola Atrix 2.Is anyone else experiencing random music playback stopping/pausing on their handset? Do you know what is causing it, or how to prevent it?

I've been trying to get to the root of the issue, and I think it has to do with the music playback service. I've tried several apps (stock Music app, DoubleTwist, Cubed (3)). In each case the behavior is the same. Seemingly at random, and with now obvious trigger, music playback will pause/stop. I've seen this both with and without bluetooth, wifi, Last.FM scrobbling, and headphones. It does not correlate to notifications, as I get e-mail, text, and other notifications and playback continues. My music files are stored on the MicroSD card. Could this be due to latency in loading a portion of a file?

Are you actually in the music app when it happens or is it when it is running in the background and you are doing something else?

If it's the latter, it is most likely because your phone is running out of memory and is killing the music player's service.

Go to Settings --> Applications --> Running Services and see if there are any running services that you can remove that would free up some memory.

To confirm if it is a memory problem, run a logger app right after the app gets killed and see if there are out of memory messages being logged or garbage collection going on.

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