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View Google documents, spreadsheets, and presentations offline

After allowing offline access on your computer, you have two ways to view your synced documents, spreadsheets, and presentations offline:

■ Without Internet connection.
When your computer is disconnected from the Internet, open Chrome. Visit drive.google.com. The offline version of your Drive will load.

■ After losing Internet connection.
If you're using Google Drive in Chrome and suddenly lose your Internet connection, reload the browser window. This will show the offline version of your Drive and each of the Google documents, spreadsheets, and presentations you have open.

When you're using your Google Drive in offline mode and regain access to the Internet, click Switch to Docs online in the bar at the top of your browser window. This will reload the online version of your Drive if you're signed into your Google account.

A few seconds after you regain Internet access, your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations will return to online mode automatically. You can always speed this process up by reloading the document, spreadsheet, or presentation.

A few things to remember:
◉ Offline access is available in Chrome and on Chrome OS devices only.
◉ Offline access is available only for Google documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and drawings.
◉ You can edit and create new Google documents and presentations while offline.
◉ Offline spreadsheets are available in view-only mode. You must restore your Internet connection to make any edits or create new spreadsheets. However, you can create and edit your spreadsheets while offline if you have switched to the new version of Google Sheets.

You can see following- how to create spreedsheet or word document:

[Image: sheet1.PNG]

[Image: sheet2.PNG]

[Image: sheet3.PNG]

[Image: sheet4.PNG]

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