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rooting problem on A52 micromax

I rooted Micromax A52, the sole purpose was to remove unwanted preinstalled apps and to free up the ram, I did successfully flashed rooted with the procedure. after that i installed titanium back up backed ever app, in its process the phoned hanged when i removed apps like TOI, Mibuddy, although i was careful in not removing any others app related to the processing of the phone, , on rebooting it only showed the logo "superphone Aisha" not going further, worried, i check online soln, held (vol. down+ start+ homekey) it had many option one option unflash was used. the phone started but wizard was not found indication / alert was given , the phone started ,remained blank on main screen, could'nt go to menu? showed no apps?? what went wrong.
saw a another soln. "CWM recover" but could'nt understand how to use?
Please note this is the first time i rooted a phone and not very tech minded...... please can any one HELP!

Hi jjonandroid , Please see this video it may be help you to understand but keep in mind there is only one mistake in this video after loading the scatter file you should not click the "bootimage " option you should click the "recovey" option. See the following video.

I hope this will help you.


Hello jjonandroid, I have no knowledge about your query but I have found solutions. Now you can take help, read following:

First Download These DOWNLOAD And install Drivers Present In it

Open SP tool
[Image: MT65x3_1]

Now to click scatter loading and select MT6575_Android_scatter
[Image: MT65x3_2]

Now tick recovery Double click it and go to extracted folder and select cwmrecovery

[Image: MT65x3_3]
Now to Click Download And connect your phone to Pc A yellow highlighted path will go And end ZAnd a green dot will Apear NoW Unplug your phone and Press Power button And Volume Up For Some Time Together And If it Comes Up like this Then you sucessfully Installed CMW.
[Image: MT65x3_4]

I think this right solution for you... Thanks

[source | via]

thank you for your prompt replies, i did exactly as per the procedure shown, but when I hold down volume key + start I dont get "clockwork recovery mod" instead just the "factory setting" having one of the option unflash , with this only the phone starts?? is there option to totally re install everything again ......please help????

Hey dude,
I think Sam Emerald is right but I don't know that's not work properly but now you can take help CWM Backup Manager android app, I have provide quick description and download link.
Install this app on your phone .

CWM Backup Manager android app
CWM Backup Manager is a simple tool that takes a backup of the backup in the secure directory and saves it on the sdcard on the phone with just one click. This allows you to save the backup locally instead of transferring the backup from the device to the computer and from the computer back to the sdcard of the device. And you don't need to purchase the Rom Manager Premium to get the backup to the computer easy just transfer it via usb instead.
And if you delete a backup in Rom Manager, then can you push the backup from sdcard to the secure directory, and restore to the backup just like a regual backup.

Requires a rooted device
The app is suited for 4.2+ devices with ClockworkMod but should work for any one just choose the folder to backup in settings
This app is in no-way part of ClockworkMod, the app is made by Alpha Application

[Image: DownloadButton.png]

Thanks hopefully it will work

Dear Kut3No1
I did try this just at this moment down loading still I dont get to CWM on screen, is there any medhod to totally wipe and re install the software or discard the phone????? I know the is a big loss of phone (Contacts) data I need to bear.............please help

Hey dude, you have to hard reset your phone, So before taking this process you have to backup of all data because after doing hard reset not possible to recover your data.
So lets start here, First charge your battery more then 70%.

Hard Reset steps:

Step 1: First of all Press and Hold (Volume UP + Power Key) to see Android Logo.

Step 2: Now Press Home Key to see Recovery Menu.

Step 3: Now you have to select wipe data/factory reset and press Enter Key.

Step 4: after that you have to select Yes -- Delete all User Data

Step 5: Now Press Enter Key.

Step 6: Now select reboot and press Enter key to reboot your phone

Please check once again, but if your problem not solve tell me again, but definitely it will work.

WOW man that really did the trick!!!!!
thanks a million! I nearly threw the phone out thinking it failed?

installed clock work mode android,
NIce but have this problem???
1). I couldnt connect via wifi it say connecting then.... disconnected
and goes on....
2) where is the menu button?
3) how to go to "file" folder to install g maps, and other apps??
4) can it have better looking theme
5). how to reinstall data (contacts) saved which was earlier backup ed

any way way Good advice, would recommend to others.

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