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Problems with Netflix for new Google Nexus 7 phone?

I just got the brand new Google Nexus 7 today. It is all shiny and slim and awesome. After I started putting my apps on. I tried to watch something on my Netflix.

I tried loading Netflix and was immediately greeted by "Sorry we could not reach the Netflix Service. Please check Network Settings to connect to an available network and use Netflix (15001)" The problem is that I connected to a network and can get online.

So I used my trusty Google machine to figure the problem out. .
These steps are known as wiping the cache partition:

1. Hold power button for 2 seconds and select 'Power Off'
2. Hold 'Volume Down' button and press power button
3. An image of an Android lying on its back will appear.
4. Press the Volume Down key twice until "Recovery mode" appears on the screen.
5. Press the Power key to restart in "Recovery mode."
6. An image of an Android with a red triangle will appear.
7. While holding down the Power key, tap the Volume Up key.
8. The Android System Recovery screen will appear. Release all keys.
9. Use the Volume keys to scroll to wipe data cache partition and press the Power key to select.
10. The phone will restart.

That didn't solve my issue. Does anyone have any idea on how to solve this problem?

It was brand new, you should take it back to the store from where you buy it. they will solve it

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