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04-04-2018, 05:26 PM,
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Private Locker Disguised As Calculator

Calculator Lock
[Image: 0nf3d4uP5EgI80QfcY272RRUJ1z39MCkan9eXCAZ...tQ=s100-rw]

We all like to keepsafe something hidden from people in office or in home, everyone wants to hide their personal stuff like private photos, private videos, documents & private files from colleagues or family member & sometimes merely employing a screen lock isn’t enough.

Calculator app (Keepsafe + Folder Vault) is the best Disguise privacy protection app to easily hide files & hide folders & encrypt your private photos, private videos & any other private files that you do not want others to see on your device.

[Image: Promo_big.png]

Private photo Calculator vault App (File Locker & Keep Safe Gallery) looks as just a regular calculator. Your hide files will be stored in a secret folder (hide folders) on filevault app and can only be viewed after a Numeric PIN is entered on private photo calculator.

No File Locker icon found, No Folder Locker Name found anywhere. No private picture locker or private video Locker or gallery vault names found in Application Manager. It is a Light weight keepsafe private app with beautiful design and user interface.

You can also use the private photo calculator vault (Private File Hide Expert) as regular calculator for your daily use.

[Image: Amgix0cGcYQa_Vz1noIVwlwbAbRKGVj7IWpYf7kH...40-h300-rw]  [Image: jnpmwAVxFomA1j7GRK7OspZYgBb7X1YniDrBAlkU...40-h300-rw]

Main Features Private Image App:
Import and hide private pictures, hide private video from photo gallery to private folder vault (vault hide sms pics and videos)
• Organise files in Folder & Lock them. Lock individual Secret folder for extra security (Lock Folder)

Fake Login to show fake content which provides double security (Secure Folder lock & best Secret Folder lock)
Disguise (change private folder lock App icon) default Gallery Vault icon can be replaced with different types of calculator icons
Recycle Bin contains all deleted locked files & hide files, you can restore your private pics before 60 days
Panic Switch (Shake, flip or face down to hide Gallery Vault in hurry) For ex: close private folder locker app.
• Dark theme (Night Mode) - view gallery locker private pictures and private videos in dim light to Protect Eyes.

Access Locked folder - private photo vault and private video locker by typing Numeric PIN on calculator panel of this Secure Folder app.
• Support all Picture formats (Private Photo Vault) in gallery lock like GIF, JPEG, PNG etc.
• You can manage Locked folder media by create, rename, move, Unhide, delete private folders and private files inside Secure Folder lock app.
• Amazing Inbuilt Image viewer with organize photos folder options like Slide show, Rotate, Share and Shuffle option in Hide Folder Locker App.

Image zoom-in transition (Apply transition effect on Gallery Lock hide files preview)
Disappears protect private photos app from recent apps list (Private File Hide Expert)
• Sort locked files and hide folder and change view to Grid or list view.
• Share Lock folder private images directly from Keep Safe Gallery vault app to mail, Whatsapp, Snapchat and other social apps.
• Use unlock or Export function from Private Gallery vault – Private Filevault when you want to show private photo albums and private video in default mobile private photo vault again.

[Image: gUBk2-raV5H3ImM4mhA7sAEjqz2m2-kHME3X5Z_c...40-h300-rw]  [Image: ok7uANakGQM49-kuG9NtnaAdsYjkuDHMoqXU5SjM...40-h300-rw]

In-Built Players Of Best Secret Folders App:
* GIF playable photo viewer in protect private photos vault.
* Photo Slideshow for hidden photos and GIF inside private Filevault & private Folder Vault.
* Video player to watch private videos inside video locker app(hide my folder)

Download the best privacy protect private photos albums app to easily lock private pictures (hide my folder). The best two in one disguise privacy protection private app with all functionalities of a gallery vault and calculator.

[Image: Google_playstore_download_button_small.png]
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