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Phone Assistant - iTalk App

Any thing that you missed from nokia...?
Phone rings while driving?
Phone rings when you eating or cooking?
Phone rings while you have dirty hands?
Phone rings while you sleeping?
Phone rings at the worst possible time?

Let android talks just like old Nokia, then you can decide if you want to answer the call.

Phone Assistant is now support to speak in most of the language supported by your device(23 DIFFERENT language in my HTC Desire HD). Try it now.

Let your mobile speak up in your favour language now!

PLEASE NOTE: This application does not come with TTS (Text-To-Speech). You need support the language you choose and have the TTS package installed for phone to speak, especially if you want better voice than the default. (For example, SVOX). If your phone doesn't support French, I am not able to make it to learn, well, not yet. Send me a email if you have problem with this application.

If it crashs, make sure you report it, I will always fix whatever you report, also please check if you are using the latest version as I may have fix that already.

[Image: Phone-Assistant-iTalk.jpg]
[Image: DownloadButton.png]

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