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Nexus 7 - No longer recognizes 5 GHz network

I set up my Nexus 7 to use the 5 GHz network. It works fine, but then at some point it switches over to 2.4 GHz as it no longer recognizes the 5 GHz network. It's like the network isn't there. If I power the Nexus off and then turn it back it sees the 5 GHz network again and connects. .I have a WiFI analyzer app and when it's not seeing the network neither is the app.

At first I thought it was a problem with the router but the signal is fine, verified with another device.

Anyone else having this issue? Should I call Asus?

Hello rameswarimmse,

I read elsewhere that the 5Ghz performance has suffered since the 4.3 update. Apparently it was fine on 4.2.2.


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