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Nexus 7(2013) or Samsung Galaxy S4

Hi my dear friends, I can't seem to decide between these two android smartphone nexus 7 or Galaxy S4. I want build quality and both deliver that for me. I'm skeptical about the nexus because I've heard a lot of negative things about it such as overheating while doing simple task and also the battery and connectivity problem. I've heard many people say you'll get 3-4 hours of screen time of it which is extremely low considering I'm coming from a Samsung Galaxy S3. However I don't have a data plan so I will be on WiFi at all times and my main usage is just simple email checking and chatting on whatsapp making video calls on viber app. I'm nervous about the Samsung s4 because even though its in the spotlight right now, many people are saying S4 is bad at updating and battery life so it just seems to me that S4 one will be obsolete in few month which is exactly what I don't want. I don't care about camera etc I only care about battery life .

Please put some light on this topic.

Thanks in advance

If someone asked me which should I buy the galaxy S4 or nexus 7(2013) so I would advise for Samsung Galaxy S4 because it's functionality is excellent.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Nexus 7(2nd Gen) 2013 Edition.


It is better to buy Nexus 7, with new features. Samsung phones are good but i think nexus 7 is better then s4

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