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neatTV - Stream hundreds of TV channels

neatTV - Stream hundreds of TV channels
neatTV offers more than two hundred TV channels from Turkey, Russia and Arabian speaking countries. With one suscbription you have access to all of them. You can stream on your mobile, your TV and on your tablet.
Mobile freedome
neatTV automatically selects the best available quality for your streams and saves your bandwith if you decide to have a look at your favorite show on the go. It even transforms your daily commute to an exciting sports sorcher.
Watch on TV
We built in Chromecast support so you can stream all the channels directly to your TV. Use your phone as a remote and find out about the high quality streams we offer.
Link To Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/detai...ttv.client
[Image: mwCN3wtFxJQz3Fz6Q9dwux5wwUzPe14ra5b-ExPv...w1366-h654][Image: oPtW8eX8V2fNfR-5x-iEnUpVwRqeT3UpqHIjmQTc...w1366-h654]

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