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indoona Android App

Discover indoona, the social app to communicate Free from your smartphone or PC!

Mobile communication goes social
Indoona is the first app to communicate and share your posts with the contacts in your phonebook
Communicate with indoona
With indoona you can call, video-call and send multimedia messages to other indoona users for free on the web (Wi-Fi, 3G)
Share your life with indoona
Indoona is the first social network designed for smartphone users and based on mobile phone numbers for a better and easier social experience. With indoona you can publish posts up to 300 characters, photos, audio or video files and much more on your wall. Stay in touch with your indoona contacts commenting and reposting.
Share life’s moments with your real friends!


* FREE CALLS AND VIDEOCALLS: Call and make videocalls for free with no limits to any indoona number

* MULTIMEDIA MESSAGING: you can send texts, geolocalise yourself, share pictures and videos with your friends completely free of charge and with no limits.

* SOCIAL NETWORK: your smartphone goes social! You can post messages, photos, videos on your wall and stay in touch with your indoona contacts commenting their posts or reposting them. It is the only social network based on your mobile number and your phone book for an easier and better social experience: You’ll always know who to communicate with and won’t have to remember any email address.

* LOW COST CALLS: you can make low-cost calls to landline and mobile numbers all over the world, with rates starting from just 0.8 eurocents per minute, with no connection charge. After the first minute charging is per second.

* FREE TISCALI LANDLINES : calls to Tiscali landlines in Italy are always free!

* BETTER AUDIO QUALITY: indoona is based on an audio technology capable of producing a better quality sound than a normal GSM call. Sound quality will depend on your internet connection.

* SMART ADDRESS BOOK: indoona is easy to use because at any time you can check who, among your friends, have downloaded indoona: now you can call them for free.

* MULTI DEVICE: you can use indoona an on any device: smartphones, tablets or personal computers.

* ALWAYS AVAILABLE: thanks to push notifications you can always be reached (you’ll always know what’s going on) even when the application is closed in order to save battery power.

* IT’S EASY TO SIGN UP: you will be asked to enter your mobile phone number and then the security code which will be sent to your mobile via text message. In a few seconds you will be ready to receive and make free calls with indoona, just picking a contact directly from your phone book.

* AND MUCH MORE: we are working to make indoona the number one social network for communicating.

We are working to make indoona social network the easiest way to communicate!

Occasionally, your device may indicate a strong 3G signal, but the quality of your internet connection may be inefficient.

Indoona works with all mobile phone operators and providers, but some may limit the usage of voip applications over their networks.

You may incur additional costs by your mobile operator for a data connection.

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