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08-07-2013, 05:08 PM,
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HTC Aria doesn't vibrate when sms comes

Last week I didn't plug my phone in when i went to bed.I woke up and the battery was dead.There had been a power outage,so my wireless router shut off,so my phone was constantly trying to reconnect to the wireless,thus draining the battery.I turned it on,and plugged it in when i woke up.Since then,it hasn't vibrated when I recieve or send a text.But it will vibrate when I get a call.I have gone over the text settings over and over again.I've shut the phone off for an hour.Taken the battery out.Let it sit.I even took it to an AT&T store,and they told me that the service center near the sales store was no longer servicing the Aria (for whatever reason).Any ideas on how to fix this?I have phone insurance for things like this,but I don't want to get a brand new phone just because it stopped vibrating when I get texts.
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