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How to rename iPad

You have two certain ways to change the name of your iPad, one is by using computer, and the other is through your device itself. let’s have a look on both the procedures:-

1. Changing name of iPad Via computer

you just need to complete the four simple steps to rename your iPad:-

a. first connect your device to computer with the help of a USB cable, then open iTunes

b. Now on the left-hand column of iTunes you would see a source list, double-click the name of your device in this list

[Image: rename-iPad%20.jpg]

c. type your desired name (new name) for your device and hit Return on the keyboard

d. in the last step you have to sync your device by tapping “sync” in the bottom right corner of the screen

2. Changing name through your iOS device

you only have to perform three steps to rename or change the name of your iPad:-

a. on your iPad go to Settings > General > About

b. Tap the first line, which should display the name of your device

[Image: rename-iPad%201.jpg]

c. now you can rename your device by using the on-screen keyboard > tap done after typing the new name for your device as shown in the picture below

[Image: rename-iPad%202.jpg]

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