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How to format an SD card in HTC Aria?


I am not able to delete photo gallary on HTC Aria. My question is:

How to format an SD card in HTC Aria

plz help me.


How To Format Your SD Card for Android

“How do I Format My SD Card?” I know many people have SD cards in there phone for extra storage. You will find out how to do this in our step by step walk through using the HTC Aria!

1. Looking at the homescreen on your HTC Aria, press the [Menu] soft key, then select [Settings]
2. When looking at your Settings menu, select [SD & Phone Storage]
3. Once in the SD & Phone Storage menu, select [Format SD Card]
4. On the next two screens you will select [Format SD Card] and then [Erase Everything]

Now your SD card is formatted! To get to the homescreen you can either hit the [Home] button on your screen or Repeat hitting the [Back] button till you are back at the homescreen.

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