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01-13-2014, 01:36 PM,
FuchsPhone Offline
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How to copy the music to iPhone 2G?

I am using iPhone 2g last six month but I don't have knowledge to copy the music file on it. So I want to copy the music on my iphone 2G?

Help please...
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01-13-2014, 01:37 PM,
Jacob Jones Offline
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RE: How to copy the music to iPhone 2G?

Hello dear, you have to follow simple steps given below:

• Connect the Iphone USB wire with your computer. You can buy music online by connecting to iTunes library to bring past downloads.

• Create auto synchronization to your computer to iPhone. You can use Summary field in iTunes to find the "Auto Sync" where you can upload new music to iPhone in the lead connection.

• Create playlists of your favorite music to make the music upload to your iPhone more orderly. You can group albums and specific genres of music to keep away from overfilling your iPhone's memory.

• Take the backup to your purchasing music library to your computer. Click on the "File" and shift files using the Transfer Purchases function.

• Remove music off that you have not listened in so many time. You can update your music library in every weeks by erasing old music library by doing auto sync process.

• Set the sound level to iTunes files before music download. The Preferences function on iTunes leads you to a "Sound Check" that set the maximum sound level of every file.

• Set the snooze timer to let alone take on your playlist try-out while you are not here. The "Clock" function leads you an option called "Timer" that lets you set the time then the phone goes idle before music close.
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