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How to connect a Nexus 7 to a pc projector?

Hello friends, guide me please..
I run a computer club and want to connect my Nexus 7 to a pc projector so people can see what is happening on the device.

Is it possible on it?

Well, conditionally yes, but judging from the specification of the Nexus 7 - No.

There are no wired outputs on the Nexus 7, as far as I can see from the tech specification page. However, there are a couple of tricks you can pull.

* Some projectors are Bluetooth-compatible. The Nexus 7 has Bluetooth. You may be able to leverage the Bluetooth in order to get the Nexus 7 to display the image through the projector.

* If the projector is connected to a full-fledged computer, you may be able to use a desktop extender app (such as the ScreenSlider app) or a remote login app (such as LogMeIn) to get output to the projector.

Hope this help you Smile

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