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How to backup iPad

iCloud and iTunes can backup your iPad quite easily. the list of ingredients that can be backed up by iCloud and iTunes contains Apps, Photos, videos (in camera roll), Books, TV shows, messages (SMS, MMS, and iMessages), Ringtones, Device settings (such as Wallpaper, contacts, mails, Phone favorites, calendar accounts), Home screen, app data, app organization, etc etc.

Important Note:- All media files those have been synced from computer will not be backup up, however they can be restored by syncing with iTunes. purchased music can’t be backed up, and its applicable for all countries. on the other hand only United states gives you enough privilege to back up your purchased TV shows. one more thing, you also can’t backup your previous purchases if they are not available in App Store, iBookstore, or iTunes Store.

How to backup iPad with iCloud

Its an automatic process that keeps running once you perform the following in your iPad Settings > iCloud > Backup & Storage. it will run on a regular basis until your iPad is:-

a. connected to the internet over WiFi

b. Connected to a power source

c. Screen locked

How to backup iPad manually using iCloud

One can also backup his/her iPad manually, the only thing which is required is–you should be connected to the internet over WiFi. the steps would remain same Settings > iCloud > Backup & Storage.

[Image: backup%20iPad.jpg]

How to restore iPad from a backup

when you go through the Setup Assistant on your iPad , select “Restore from iCloud Backup” . also provide your iCloud account’s information (password and all) if prompted. now you will be presented the three most recent backups from where you can choose the backup you want to restore.

[Image: backup%20iPad1.jpg]

when the iPad is done with the restart process, your settings and account will get restored. when everything completes, the backup starts downloading your Apps, purchased music, Books, TV shows, and other content. enter the passwords for all accounts enabled on your device, if prompted.

You would see a progress bar appearing below the applications that are being downloaded. To accentuate or to give preference to the restore of a particular application, tap its icon. Then the Restore will try to download the same version of the application that you had installed previously. The latest version will be restored if in case the version you were having is not available.

To confirm whether the reset is complete or not, tap Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup. finish the setup assistant deleting the entire content of your iPad or after starting your new device– you can do this through Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.

Please make sure that you would choose only “restore from iCloud backup”, the time when you are prompted to set up as new or to restore from previous backup. also enter your Apple ID and password when asked or prompted.

How to backup iPad with iTunes

iTunes can create backups of your iPad when you:-

a. sync with iTunes (please Turn off if you have iCloud backup turned on)

b. Right click (or Control-click) on iPad in iTunes under Devices and select “backup”

How to backup iPad manually using iTunes

1. first, Connect your iPad to a computer with the latest version of iTunes installed

2.Now choose your iPad in iTunes under Devices

3. in final step, Right-click (or Control-click) the device and choose “Backup”

[Image: backup%20iPad2.jpg]

How to restore iPad from a backup

To restore your iPad from a backup, first you’ll have to connect it to a computer with which you normally sync, then:-

a. Right-click (or Control-click) the device and select “restore from backup”

[Image: backup%20iPad3.jpg]

b. users having new iPad, you can connect to iTunes and it will prompt to restore from your backup

Important Information:-

1. Both iTunes and iOS do not allow (support) you to install backups of newer versions of IOS onto the devices using older (earlier) versions of iOS

2. Keep in mind that iTunes will not backup automatically if you are using iClouds

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