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How Do I Keep My Droid X's SD Card from Mounting as a Drive in Windows?

Stock Droid X, running 2.1. I have the USB Connection mode set to "Charge Only".

Whenever I connect the phone to my computer to charge, the SD card mounts as a drive in the computer. In the phone's USB Connection settings, it is still listed as "Charge Only", but the SD card is not available to the phone.

They only way to get it back is to:

Change the connection mode to "USB Mass Storage" on the phone
Unmount the SD card within Windows.
Change the connection mode back to "Charge Only"

This works, but it is a pain to do this every time, when I should be able to just set the connection I want and plug it in. Is there anything I'm missing?

Edit: This happens with more than one computer - one running Windows XP, one running Windows 7. Neither have the Android SDK installed.

Update - The upgrade to Froyo seems to have fixed this issue.

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