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How can I install the Facebook in My iPhone 2G ?

I have the Apple Iphone and I want to install the Facebook in my iPhone 2G but I don’t know? How can I do it?

Here is some simple steps to do it:

1) Update your iphone software > to install Facebook on an iphone > your iphone software needs to be at least version 2.1.1, > go to iTunes to install the latest version of your iPhones software.

2) Go to the App Store > on the main screen of your iphone > select the Apple App Store button.

3) Search for Facebook. At the bottom of the App Store screen > select the Search button > in the search window, type 'Facebook' and select 'Search'. Select Facebook.

4) Install Facebook > Press the 'Free' button, then 'Install'. Allow the Facebook software to install.

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