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Google Nexus 7(2013) not charging when on, only when off

Hello guys, I am very sad today due charging issue on my nexus 7 because when I connect to charger my Nexus 7(2013) nothing happens when I turn off then I connect to charger it starts to charge .it all works normaly no problems at all only that I can't charge when on .

Please give me solution as soon as possible on this issue.

Sometimes its due to a bad connection or cable the Nexus 7 is not getting enough current to run the device and charge at the same time. When you turn it off more power is available for charging. I suppose it could also be the plug in power supply being faulty.

Otherwise you should go to service center.


Hello guys, I have no idea about the "charging" issue but I hope this would help you guys in opening the Nexus USB Drive on your PC.

On your Nexus, open "settings", click on "Storage", click on options(3 vertical dots on the top right corner), click on "USB PC Connection", now check MTP option.

Try connecting to your PC now. Lemme know if that works. It worked for my friends and me.

Hope it help you

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