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Chinese Mobile Game (Collecting Opinions)

Dear Everyone,

I work for a Shanghai mobile game company (called Artme). We are currently working on a new game, to be released in early 2015.

The game (Herofall) is being developed by Chinese people but it is intended for Western gamers. I am myself French but not really a professional gamer. Therefore I am trying to get advice from Wester gamers.

Herofall: Warlords of Skyland is a mix between strategy and ARPG games. It is based on a famous Chinese legend: The Monkey King. Each player has a Skyland (floating realm) with creatures working on it, the ultimate goal being to invade and defeat all other players in order to become the Legendary Warrior. For this purpose you can get up to three heroes.

Below are our three heroes, that's for them I need your advice:
Hu King (Celestial Tiger)
Siang Liu (Snake woman)
Chung-Erh (Wizard)

Attached are their pictures.

Could you please tell me what you think about them (facial expression, outfit, equipment, name...)?

Thank you very much for your help!

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