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Buy Air Jordan 1 Cargo on 2019mensjordans

If the sneakers are the hottest shoes, which pair? Many people will not hesitate to answer Air Jordan 1. This year, 2019 Mens Jordans brought a variety of innovations based on the classics. In addition to the Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 for scratching the upper, this month, the Air Jordan 1 Cargo with special weaving details was first exposed. Recently, this pair of Air Jordan 1 officially launched with a new design has been officially released. There are two black and white colors. The design of the shoe body is made of soft lychee and fabric stitching. The biggest highlight is that the sides of the shoe are interlaced with the leather through the strip fabric, showing a functional style, completely subverting our inherent impression of the Air Jordan 1. . Of course, there are a lot of novel design details in the whole pair of shoes, and it is necessary to wait for more physical exposure to reveal.
2019 Sneakers Release Inspired by the Paris Saint-Germain team's 2015/16 Champions League jersey, this PSG x Nike Epic React Flyknit 2 brings a familiar Parisian atmosphere! Black is used as the main thread, and the pink outline of the Swoosh combined with the PSG Logo of the tongue adds a unique personality to the pair. Not only is the "faith" that big Paris fans can't resist, the temperament of these shoes is probably unforgettable for many shoe fans.
This year, Jordans 2019 Shoes brought the new Air Jordan 1, which is co-branded with Nike SB, and was teased by netizens: “Get up and join yourself.” With this super attention of Air Jordan 1 and the unique scratch design of this joint, Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG is a new pair of Air Jordan 1 that is more popular in the coming months. One of the two color schemes is based on the NBA Los Angeles Lakers' purple gold color. Recently, the sneaker photographer hanzuying brought the physical contrast before and after the shoes were scraped. The shoes are on a white base, adding a large area of purple and yellow, so that you can think of a pair of Lakers color Air Jordan 1 at a glance. The biggest highlight of this time is the first exposure of the shoes after the scratching. The purple and yellow parts can be scraped off in the picture, showing a red and black color scheme. After completely scraping it, it seems to be with the Chicago Air. Jordan 1 is very similar.

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