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Best free Pleasant musics to Sleep, Meditation and Yoga

OM Mantra HD
[Image: GbNhmfJA3vVr9o6ZDdpYcN6VyjiWCzLAlOnazOMJ..._s=s100-rw]
Om is the Sacred Sound of Universe. Om chanting refers to Atman(soul, self within). OM mantra is said to be the only sound you would hear when you go into deep meditation or yoga.
Enjoy the deep relaxation, benefits of meditation and stress relief. Om yoga makes your om meditation with a spiritual feeling with slow chanting of the "OM" song. Perfect meditation music app for those who are new to the spiritual world.

Benefits of the OM Mantra (Transcendental Meditation Music)
★OM Chanting (AUM) of OM Mantra purifies the environment around the chanter and produces positive vibrations to all.
★ The OM yoga meditate not only gives positive results to the one who is chanting it but to the entire vicinity wherever its vibrations flow.
★ Meditate improves your concentration and helps you focus on your work and sleep meditation..
★ The ॐ AUM chanting removes toxin from your body. It gives you better immunity and self-healing power.
[Image: 9Ac0FYO3aGgL9Mgyt0U8Zjys07Rhk-GXRweixU6h...20-h300-rw]  [Image: 9JgWGHLU7W88LlFqW0Ae26uF94h154A30KungA_G...20-h300-rw]  [Image: VQzuXe3vR4nXKfev4Kbdw8Zpg9fonaj9C46bGHTw...20-h300-rw]  [Image: mA3No2Ms9Z_AlOw5Q3oVZJWgB9nOf4SJ7nW8msQv...20-h300-rw]
App Features
★ Very easy Interface
★ 10 Different Om Yoga audio tracks
★ Sleep sounds, sleep music
★ Background sounds (Rain Sound, Vennai sound, Wind sound)
★ Auto off timer
★ Set number of repetition
★ Counter to show number of completed repetitions
★ No gaps between looping
★ Automatic stop and continue music during phone calls
★ Bell sound to notify the end of song
★ Ohm symbol thumbnails to enhance yoga spiritual experience while playing aum transcendental meditation music
[Image: 4HkZ5nwTYeO5JWsZfNX_0Luh18jPzEBuvEecRMwI...20-h300-rw]  [Image: TkPmWbDnzI54OV75xE7H0eemx9gYpCRZ_5hOMh1P...20-h300-rw]  [Image: opXJYPRA2anofCosthhAKK5aElMLTHgk3gRTOdPK...20-h300-rw]  [Image: PmtopkJFZnmrddk4fbbobrgI27FGNH7BTumM5R93...20-h300-rw]
Om meditation is another name for mantra or transcendental meditation. Om (pronounced AUM) is one of many mantras which you can use for meditate or yoga. OM mantra is made of 3 sub-sounds A, U and M.

As per Mandukya Upanishad AUM:
1) The "A" stands for the state of wakefulness, where our sense organs are active
2) The "U" stands for the dream state, in which inward experiences are available
3) The "M" represents deep sleep, when the mind is without desire.

[Image: Google_playstore_download_button_small.png]
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