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02-01-2013, 12:25 PM,
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Allowing my rooted Sanyo Zio to work with my Vista 64 computer

I recently got my Sanyo Zio phone and I would like to upload my android programs that i coded earlier onto it. I installed the driver that I found on the website and then plugged in my phone and when prompted I located the usb driver folder. Yet the installation failed. I tried the same thing with a new driver i found for vista x64. The same problem reoccurred. (i found multiple drivers for both vista x64 and x84 and tried installing all of them) None of them have worked. I can access my phones SD drive no problem but i would like to upload my software from eclipse.

Because of the response I got from costumer service (locted below) I decided that I will root my phone if it allows me to upload my programs from my computer. Does anybody know of a rom that will work with vista 64 on sanyo zio.?

Anyone has any ideas??

Update: I have send a msg to the costumer service for my phone the response is quite upsetting
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