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A100 Boot Issues

I had my tab for 2 weeks when I couldn't boot it up. Tried reset several times and got it on once, only to encounter the same problem. Then I did the factory reset and still same problem. Hit the power button and the blue light came on, but it wouldn't boot.

Sent it Acer for repair and they sent it back saying that everything checked out just fine. Of course when I tried to boot it, the same thing happened as before. I finally did get it on, but then it would shut itself off while sleeping. Now it is hit and miss with getting the thing to boot and it still shuts off while sleeping.

I really don't want to send it back for repair again. Has anyone had the same issue? Any suggestions?

If you don't want to send service center your tab so please you have to first root your tab, sometimes this type of problem occur due to if not rooted your device.

If however not resolve that issue so please try once time to hard reset your tab, may be solve this issue.

Otherwise indeed you will have to go service center after that there is no way to resolve this may be hardware problem that can be solve with the help of service center.

Hopefully if it will help you please let me inform.


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