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Full Version: Issue on HTC Transfer too??
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Hi everybody, Hi. I am facing issue on HTC transfer tool…
Recently got new HTC One phone and my previous HTC desire phone so I want to transfer conatcts and other thing ti new HTC One phone.

I installed HTC Transfer Tool. But and I'm on my old HTC desire phone waiting for my pin. And it doesn't do anything. It keeps searching. For a long time.

What’s happening…
Hello Taomaster99, you can use Bluetooth to move some of your stuff from old phone to new HTC one . The data you can move may be limited (only contacts and SMS, or just contacts and calendar items, or just contacts). When you get your new phone, go to Settings > Transfer content > Other/Other phone type.

Let us know if you have problems migrating.
Have you tried uninstall the app and then re-install the app?