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Full Version: HTC One overheating issue!
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Hi guys,I have been using my HTC One for about some days now, and I have noticed that it overheats! I wanted to know if anyone else got this issue. It basically starts to get really warm when I download something, or play games.
Phones get warm - it is normal and i dont believe it is an issue.

The trouble here, is that heat, diminish a lot the battery life. Heat is the no one factor of battery life degradation, and HTC One is non-removable and with an almost impossible way to replace the battery, so it's a little worrying.

The heating issue is prominent after playing games and browsing on LTE continuously. One of the main reasons behind the issue can be powerful quad core 1.7 Ghz processor. HTC One's processor is 28nm (28 nano meters) so it's very small compared to it's predecessor but still it does emits lot of heat.

Another thing about HTC One is faster battery drop while device gets hotter but we are yet to confirm these issue. It's not recommended to use your phone while you charge it and the phone can rise upto the temperature of 40 Celsius with such usage.

This video will show you How to fix HTC One overheating issue?

No doubt Htc One is the best android phone but heating problem listen rarely, I think this is a hardware issue means problem in it's physical part, so my advice is to take it to service center. If your phone is under warranty I think it should be covered

If you don't do this please try to hard reset your Htc One android phone, It may possible to resolve heating issue.

I hope this will help you.

Hi Aaron Tilton, you are wrong, I have same problem with my phone and I did reset my phone but problem is still there.

Somebody give me advice, Should I go to service center or any otherway, I would tell you that this is a six month old.
I am from UK.
My phone heats up too. is this every HTC One phone or just some ?

I have noticed that, Its heats up when playing games or surfing the web.

Please help me before I do the unspeakable!
Your phone may get warm while you're using it for a long time in phone calls, web browsing or charging etc. If the operating temperature of your phone makes you feel uncomfortable, please stop any operations on your phone.

Please contact HTC customer service for further asistance.
I have the same issue but something different from above issues.

From Last two days I am noticing that when battery charging remain 20% then my HTC One getting hot otherwise normal.

When we charge about to 60% then it goes automatically at normal position.

I purchased from Walmart and thought it is just specific to my device only. I have already asked Walmart to replace the device.

But I guess I should not make a hope that replacement device will not have heat issue.

if anybody face this type of problem, please suggest me!

Thanks in advance
I have also HTC One, gets pretty hot when listening music, but it's not so hot that it's a major source of concern for me.
My HTC One also have heat but when when I was downloading some apps and installing them, the phone got really hot to the touch. But after sometime the phone geeting back to normal temprature and has been fine.

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