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Full Version: [FREE]Kill stickman Boss Legends-Beat the boss up
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You are angry for your boss activities. Your boss treat you like a servant. You are suffering from stress, you don’t find any solution how to relieve stress. Are you want to beat or torcher him badly but can’t do in real world but you don't want to lose your job. Then you can play Kill Stickman Boss Legends to beat him badly. 
You can smash his face, smash on to wall, shoot with short gun, pistol, bazooka and other many destructive weapon. You can use samurai to slice him piece to piece. Other destructive weapon is ready for beat him badly as never before. You can use him as a sand bag to smash his face and punch him to make your boss screaming. You can break his nose, bones, neck and beat him continuously to take brutal revenge. This stress relief techniques will help you to remove your stress and take revenge. 
Kill Stickman Boss Legends gives you options to unlimited battle continue and also give chance to use destructive weapon. Your stupid boss never stop doing stupid work and you never stop to beat him up. You can kill him if he doing most stupid things. 
This exciting stress relief games has feature to relief your stress in few second. You can relief from stress instantly by playing this games, even your boss never knows you beat him on your virtual world. 
How to Play: Tap on the screen to hit your boss. Use weaponry wisely to score more. 
Download Link:
**The best stressrelief game by the creator of Monster Pop Bubble Buster 2 and Jet boom Jet Pack Dash Kill.
**Take only 30 seconds, to steam of your stress!
**Use heavy weaponry to kill your boss brutally.
** Using different deadly weapon kits to destroy your boss.
**Stunning graphics and amazing funny gameplay.
**Best time killing game when you’re bored.
**Realistic physics based gameplay.
So,download and enjoy the game to kill your boss.
[Image: 14abd37.png][Image: 27zmcnd.png]
[Image: 213kaib.png][Image: 2m3gqi9.png]