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Full Version: [FREE][Game] Frizzy: Christmas Bubble Shoot
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Hi All,
We just released a puzzle game with "Christmas Theme".

[Image: title-Copy_zps2e8cd2fd.png]
Grinch Stole the Christmas so Help Frizzy Shoot Bubbles & Save the Christmas.

Screenshots :

[Image: ss3_zps30678cd4.jpg]

[Image: ss2_zps06fba005.jpg]

[Image: ss1_zps231cd1c7.jpg]

[Image: ss5_zps1da19fa5.jpg]

Download Frizzy: Christmas Bubble Shoot, help Frizzy to save the Christmas!

Download for Android

Pretty cool game with really nice features Thanks for it.
Nice game, but I want some action games, this is too boring to play.