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What are some general tips on improving overall performance of an Android phone?

I was wondering if anyone could share some general tips on speeding up/ improving performance of your phone. I have had my droid eris for about a year now and it seems more sluggish than ever. I know the newer android releases give the phone better feedback but I was wondering besides the OS, what other options do I have to generally speed up my phone or other phones. Are there some cache's or program info I can clear out? If I remove some apps will I see an Improvement? If I restore to factory and restore all my apps will that help? Are there programs out there that might help speed/clean it up? What Im looking for is to improve the overall performance of the phone. Whats some tips I could use to accomplish this?

Five important steps to improve performance and increase speed of Android phone

Now days Android is the most popular operating system for mobile phone as this is an open source operating system and has a vast collection of applications. Users face some problems regarding battery life and performance of Android based smart phones. Here I will share a few steps which can increase the performance and as well as can save battery life of your smart phone.

Organize Home screen of your Android phone:

[Image: homescreen.png?resize=320%2C480]

Organize the home screen of your Android phone in such a way that it should have only necessary icons and widgets only. As we all know Android has a vast collection of widgets available in Android market like Clock, Calendar, Facebook, Android market, Music widget, Picture frame, Power control and many more. Less widgets on home screen can decrease the startup time of your Android phone and moreover can increase the speed and overall performance also. Try to avoid using live wallpapers on home screen as it will reduce the battery backup of your phone.

Always use Task manager:

[Image: task%20mgr.png?resize=320%2C480]

If you are using Task manager application on your smart phone, then you can come to know which applications are running in background. Stopping the unnecessary applications can help you to increase the speed and performance of your mobile phone. Advanced Task killer, Advanced Task manager, ES Task manager are few examples of task managers available in Android market.

Keep unwanted effects off:

[Image: transition%20effect.jpg?resize=320%2C569]

Android offers effects like animation effects and transition effects which may be pretty nice in appearance but can slow down your Android phone. Using these animations can cost you to comprise with the performance and battery life of your smart phone.

Remove unwanted applications:

[Image: android-app-manager-232-1.jpg?resize=320%2C533]

Unlimited applications are available in Android market to make your phone working as per your requirement. But installing many applications may slow down your Android phone. So do not install unnecessary applications which lets you to comprise with speed, performance and battery of your phone.

Restore your smart phone to factory settings:

This step looks to be unusual but if there is no standard solution available, restoring your phone to factory settings will help you to take your mobile phone to the date on which you purchased it. Applying these settings will remove all additionally installed applications, settings, contacts and messages. However you can restore your contacts and messages if you have synchronized your android phone to your Gmail account.

I would like add some other tips that can help you to improve performance of your android phone.

Reduce unnecessary widgets don't use utilities apps which eventually slows down your phone and takes more ram don't use multiple launcher uninstall unecessary apps. root, freeze or remove bloatware use lighter launcher (e.g nova launcher) use chainfire3d for better gaming experience.


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