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Steal My Heart Tap Game

Steal My Heart Tap Game
Up for a tap game, that also requires amazing reaction and reflexes for you to get loved? It is one of the most exciting hearts game and love games combined. At its core this is an enjoyable arcader that you must show great skills to succeed in!
Steal My Heart Away is a love and heart game! Steal My Heart Away was created by multiple love stories. If “she” stole your heart away, you will be able to get it back. Amazing love and tap game with lots of romantic kisses, effect and ambient.
The main character is fascinated since the first time he met his true love. On that timeshe made his heart beat crazily. How can he forget the 10 s. Play with the main character and correlate his story to your own.
So with Steal My Heart Away he wants to show her how much he loves her.
This is not a regular tap taptap game. The true is that it requires great attention and precision if you want to succeed. Watch out, there are multiple hearts and all you need to do is manage to tap at least one heart in 10 seconds and don’t lose the game. Try to tap as much hearts as you can to get the high score.
We have prepared 3 game modes so things can go really interesting. Steal Heart is the basis, but also there is a True Love and Happy Road game modes which require different things!
- (Steal Heart) You have 10 s to Tap Heart.
Get as many hearts as possible.
- (True Love) You have 10 s to Drop Heart.
Drop as many hearts as possible.
- (Happy Road) You have 10 s to Finish Road.
Link to Download:

[Image: 8jxs8uDRiRwHH5a7taH45nP3clRPJnhe_qt82-md...fZkt0=h900] [Image: E0Ij40Jg6ecVTPav--3LtvUITuu8rt5pAOAzT9XN...M0JPw=h900]
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