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06-05-2013, 11:51 AM,
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Sophos Security & Antivirus App

Free anti-virus for your Android devices

Sophos Mobile Security is a lightweight app which protects your Android device without reducing performance or battery life. Using up-to-the-minute intelligence from SophosLabs, we automatically scan apps as you install them. This anti-virus functionality helps you to avoid undesirable software which can lead to data loss and unexpected costs. We also protect your device from attacks via USSD or other special codes. And if your device is lost or stolen, a remote lock or wipe will shield your personal information from prying eyes.

• Scans apps as you install them
• Scans previously installed apps both on your device and on storage devices, e.g. your SD card, USB devices
• Lets you schedule scans to regularly check all your apps against the latest threat data
• Gray-lists apps which could pose a potential threat
• Displays Potentially Unwanted Apps (PUA) to help you recognize apps considered unsuitable for business networks
• Uses our threat intelligence from the cloud with up-to-the-minute malware information.

• Can receive commands from predefined phone numbers by text message
• Performs a remote lock or wipe on any Android device which you have lost or stolen
• Allows you to send a command to make your phone ring loudly (Remote Alarm)
• Allows you to reset the device passcode using a remote command
• Lets you display a message for the finder
• Uses tracking technology to find your device
• Sends the device location before the battery dies
• Informs you if your SIM card is changed

• Filters your incoming text messages (SMS) according to your rules
• Places texts with malicious URLS in quarantine
• Blocks unwanted calls according to your criteria

• Protects your device from attacks via special codes (USSD). Register Sophos Mobile Security to scan every number before you dial it.

• Detects apps which access personal data such as your address book
• Lets you easily identify apps which could create costs

• Gives you advice on how to improve your security settings

MANAGED MODE (Sophos Mobile Security - Enterprise)
If Sophos Mobile Security is managed through the Sophos MDM solution - Sophos Mobile Control - the following changes are applied to the app:
• The Loss and Theft Protection and the Security Advisor functionality will disappear, as these features are already part of Sophos Mobile Control
• Protection against malicious or phishing websites is added (Web Protection)
• The configuration can no longer be changed by the user and settings become read-only. All settings are done centrally within the MDM solution

[Image: Sophos-Security-Antivirus.png]

Sophos Anti-Virus -Video

[Image: DownloadButton.png]
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01-02-2016, 08:06 PM,
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RE: Sophos Security & Antivirus App

I want to try this app, but not able to find it in my play store with name, does any one have the app, can any one share it with me so that i can download it
Looking for security app? Try Leo Privacy Guard 3.0.
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