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SD card unexpectedly removed

I have a galaxy S3 with a 32gb class10 sd card.

Unfortunately I experience the SD card unexpectedly removed - Preparing SD card phenomenon all the time. The card works ok as long as it is being used: I watch videos, mp3 etc, even on pc.

I tried formatting a couple of times and I also checked on other S3 phone which presented the same problem. I checked a 16 GB class 10 card on my phone which worked ok!

I read somewhere that this is a JB problem and that I should wait for 4.2 (I'm on 4.1.1 now)

Another solution explained that I should root my phone and do this:

Edit files in the folder /sys/devices/virtual/bd i/179: 0/read_ahead_kb by pressing and holding the read_ahead_kb then choose open in text editor.

Note: Other phones don't have 179:0.. but is ok 179:8 Replace the numbers in it from the default (128KB) to 1024 / 2048 / 4096 (according to taste max = 4096) and then save and exit.

What are your thoughts? is it JB or the Card?

I should also mention that the removing/rescanning my card is killing my battery very fast.

How to fix sd card unexpectedly removed

Take note this is not a fixed solution but this is an alternative way.

[video=youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZM6OKP2xjj8 [/video]

Thanks Aaric12, this video is very helpful to me, because I have find solution thorough this video.
Thanks again..

It could be a tiny bit of dust in the slot.
My card on my phone is similarly temperamental.
I removed the card, and wiped it very gently. And blew into the slot to remove and microscopic particles.
Try this, see if it helps,. If not, do try a full reset.

Same issue here- SD card unexpectedly removed Samsung Galaxy S3

I also have a Samsung android phone and 32 GB SD card in it. My SD card was unexpectedly removed from my phone, means when I was playing my favorite song which was stored in my memory card. But when I opened the option of Memory Card then an error message flashed, “Please insert SD card”.

Ever since I am disappointed with my SD card

Now I lost all my data from SD card and I don’t know what to do now to fix this problem/ error. Then also I removed my SD card and inserted again but facing the same problem yet.

Does anyone else have faced this problem?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

sd card unexpectedly removed fix
Most people asked about it SD removed unexpectedly after updating There phone so I made this thread.

Step 1: ROOT your phone

Step 2: Install and open Root Explorer

Step 3: Edit files in the folder/ sys/devices/virtual/bdi/179: 0/read_ahead_kb by pressing and holding the read_ahead_kb then choose open in text editor.

Step 4: Replace the numbers in it from the default (128KB) to 1024 / 2048 / 4096 (according to taste max = 4096) and then save and exit.

Step 5: read_ahead_kb Navigate the file again and select the permissions or hide tick marks on the User -> Write.

Hopefully this will help you.

sd card unexpectedly removed galaxy y
SD card expectedly removed on galaxy y, problem is still there, I have apply above steps but don't resolve card issue.

I think this should be same but not working yet.
Please this is my humble request to guys anyone help me to resolve problem so that there is my very important more bank accouts and detail's file I have no other options to find it so that I have no backup of that file.

Thanks in advance!

SD card problem fix
Hi Aaron Tilton, Millions of Thanks, I was about to throw my sd card.

But finally I got the solution here and now my SD card working properly.

Thanks allot again.

SD Card Unexpectedly Removed Error
Hello Kyithar,

I giving you one suggestions to reformatting the SD card it is likely to be just a corrupt data issue.

You just copy everything which is available in SD card and put into a folder on your PC.

Now don’t put anything back in SD card.

Now use it for some times with PC and replace single any file on it and remove from card reader and again use with PC.

You have to format again and now put into phone.

If now also failing that replace the SD card. If that still doesn't work replace the main board or replace the phone.


External sd card unexpectedly removed

Millions of thanks to Jeremy Kay, Ohh yes..

My sd card is now work properly.

But I want to one more suggestion from you, Please share with me if you have any tips related to SD card.

Thanks allot..

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