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Samsung Galaxy S3 can use App 2 SD Pro (Move Apps To SD) 2.00 ??

hello, fiends can it's work on Samsung Galaxy S3 (Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean), i'm a new user of this phone please help me

Hope to hear good news from you, thank you very much.

Hello Nalini,

Please read once Apps2sd limitations

Apps2sd functionality is a step in the right direction. However, the way it is implemented creates some restrictions which you should know about:

When an app is moved to SD card, portion of that app still remains in the internal phone memory. On average, you can expect that application’s footprint in the phone memory will be reduced by a factor of 2. Note that for some apps the move will save less than 50%, e.g. Google Earth size in the internal memory reduces from 20.5 MB to 15MB, Adobe Flash Player 10.1 – from 12.4 MB to 8 MB.
If you use an app widget on your home screen, this app should not be moved to SD card, because the widget will stop working.
Android OS doesn’t have any batch tools to move all movable apps to SD card at once. You will need to manually move one app at a time by going through the list of installed apps in Settings->Applications->Manage Applications.
System apps such as Maps and Youtube cannot be moved to SD card using stock firmware on unrooted phone. On some phones Adobe Flash Player is pre-installed as a system app and also cannot be moved. Providers may also install bloatware as system apps, which also cannot be moved on unrooted phone. However, on a rooted phone system apps can be deleted or moved – see FAQ for details.
If you re-flash phone’s firmware, some backup applications may not restore your apps to SD card, but will restore them to the phone memory.


Most phones only allow maybe 2-4gb for apps but Galaxy S3 allows you to use all of the 16gb to install apps, this is the reason they gave when asked about it, I save all music, pics, videos, on external memory card then I can have as many apps as I want.

This video will show you App 2 SD Pro Move Apps to SD


Hello everyone,

I have two month old Samsung Galaxy S4. Previously I owned a Galaxy S2.

So on it(Galaxy S2), I have no problem of moving the apps between internal phone memory to external SD card.

When I installed some app on Galaxy S4, I realized there is no such option available to move app from internal memory to SD card!

Perhaps I am searching at wrong place in S4.

Help me please..

Thanks in advance.

Samsung has working on this issue( moving apps to SD card).

It's confirmed but they said it could be a few months.


Thanks for your reply

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