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Recommended SD card for Samsung Galaxy S4
Hi everybody, I am David Levine from US. I am planning to purchase Samsung Galaxy S4 on this Christmas and will expand my phone’s memory.

I just wanna ask you guys what can be the best memory card for my Samsung Galaxy S4? Considering brands, capacity, or anything that can be considered.

Hope you guys can help me.

Many thanks in advance!
Hey David, The best SD card for Samsung Galaxy S4 in the market right now is the Samsung Pro 64GB microSDXC card.

It is currently the highest capacity (64GB) with the fastest data transfer speed (70Mb/s) on the open market.

But the most important thing is that it works without any compatibility issues, unlike another very popular memory card (cough, cough, Sandisk Mobile Ultra 64GB, cough).

We hope you will have agreed.

Thanks for your suggestion, I would like a little more disturbing.

What will the cost of this card in US.

Oh no never mind, we are happy to help,

You can find more detail throgh the following site.

Thank you very much.

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