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01-27-2017, 01:03 PM,
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Quaky Quck - the Rubberduck

Quaky Quck - the Rubberduck
A storm rose over Quakies pool and all the baby Quakies were gone after the storm settled.
Help Quaky to find them in different rivers by using a magnet or bellows to steer the rubber duck to its lost babies. Be carefull not to touch any of the obstacles in the rivers like cans and spikey snags as the rubber is very sensitive. Your goal is to rescue the baby and move to the finish line. On the way collect as many starfish as you can.
And beware from strong currents...

Link to Download:
[Image: vOqHXfIkIyFBS4Ml1jgY8wy0HFqoqpPvryz2T2Kv...B8=h900-rw] [Image: b0Aee8eoofGNycpAKPyS6eJ-xoVIDqumlOilkXrS...Bw=h900-rw]
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