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Mobi FileShield App

"Mobi File Shield" application in blackberry is file security application developed for blackberry phones only.

[Image: Mobi-FileShield]

1. A utility application that secures a BlackBerry user’s files on their smartphone. The secured file is protected and can only be brought back to a readable format once un-secured by the Mobi Fieldshield application.

2. The application can secure/unsecure any type of file that is available on the BlackBerry device.

3. The application is accessible only when the registered end user provides a valid PIN to log-in.

4. Files secured by one device are private to that device only. Even if the user tries to transfer the file to another device by any medium and tries un-securing the file by using the Mobi FileShield application on other device, he or she will not able to do so.

5. Once a file is secured, it can’t be secured again by this application.

6. We also include a file recovery feature. This feature is provided in case the user has accidently renamed the secured file from the native file system application. If the user forgets the previously secured file name but knows the renamed file name, he can recover the file manually by selecting the Mobi Fileshield “Recover File” menu option.

7. The Mobi Fileshield application provides SMS support in case a Pin is forgotten. An SMS containing the PIN will be sent to the registered mobile number.

8. The Mobi Fileshield application provides an option to update the user profile, changing registered mobile number, changing PIN, etc.

9. The Mobi Fileshield end-user can see the list of secured files on the landing page of application under “File List” tab.

10. In cases where th secured file is deleted/renamed by the native file system on the device, the user will get an indicative, red cross file icon, that shows either that the file is deleted or renamed.

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