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Line app not working on Samsung Galaxy S2
Hello line app lover,

I am new with line app.

I am facing problems running line app on my Samsung Galaxy S2. while verifying the mobile number it connects to the internet but still shows that packet data not available and asks for a reboot of the device.

or please anybody help me on how to install it?
it may be poosible, something happening wrong with installation time by me.

pls help me solve this issue.

Usually, this is caused by a problem with your internet connection or the settings on your phone.

Please try these steps to fix your connection:

Step 1: Reboot your phone (power off, power on).

Step 2: Make sure that data is enabled (Android Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile networks).

Step 3: Turn Airplane mode on and off.

Step 4: Go to Settings > Data Usage > [Menu button] > make sure [Restrict background data] is unchecked.

Step 5: Contact your mobile provider and make sure your APN settings are configured correctly.

I hope that this solution helps to fix you.

If problem persists (remains as it is), then do write to me here again!!


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