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Is it dangerous? Will it break my phone? Will it void my warranty?
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Is it dangerous? Will it break my phone? Will it void my warranty? - 01-18-2014, 01:47 PM,

It can be, It might, and Yes. By not allowing access to the superuser account, the manufacturer and your carrier have basically protected you from doing things that change the system and make it unusable. All it takes is one wrong keystroke to turn your shiny new Android phone into a plastic and metal brick with no connection. Most times this is recoverable, but not always. You have to decide how capable you feel you are, and how well written the instructions you’ve found seem to be. Nobody will blame you if you decide against the risk, especially your cell carrier. All major carriers and manufacturers plainly state that altering or using unapproved software voids your warranty, and rooting falls into that category. While that seems a bit harsh, they need to be able to support the products they sell. For that to happen, they need to know exactly what’s running and what it’s doing.

Apps that run as root need a little further consideration. You need to have a level of trust in the person who wrote the app first and foremost. Does the developer have other software available? Do the user comments (for Market apps) have anything that raises a red flag? Do the requested permissions seem a little odd? These are all questions you need to think about before you allow something to run as root. For a further level of security, think about installing an application that warns you anytime something tries to run as root. SuperUser Whitelist is a great little app that does exactly that. If you decide to go on and root, ask users with the same device as you for a link to a version of SuperUser Whitelist that works with your firmware. Once installed, anytime something wants to run as root, the app intercepts and asks if you would like to allow it. You’re given the choice to accept, decline, or grant the app in question full privileges each time it runs.

[Image: Is-it-dangerous-rooting.PNG]

One last thing, Many custom ROMs include some sort of SSH server. This can be a wonderful tool, or it can get you in hot water. The server sits and waits for an outside connection, and if that connection provides the right password full control of the device is turned over. In the case of the iPhone, users never bothered to change the default SSH password for root. A clever (or devious) group of users simply scanned for servers listening on the correct port, then attempted to sign in as root with the default password. Lesson learned, but this is easy to prevent. Ask other users of the ROM or firmware you’re thinking of flashing if there is a server listening and if so how to disable it or change the default password.
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RE: Is it dangerous? Will it break my phone? Will it void my warranty? - 02-25-2014, 02:58 PM,

If you will root your android device then loss its warrenty.

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RE: Is it dangerous? Will it break my phone? Will it void my warranty? - 01-20-2016, 08:21 PM,

I personally suggest not to root any of your device, it looses its warranty & on other hand it also has many disadvantages. do a brief study before rooting your device.
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