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internal storage issues

I have a Kacoso Tablet M776 which has mobile sim card data capabilities and it works great for me but the issue I am experiencing is my internal storage feature keeps reminding me that it is full and I may not be able to store more Apps. I have a " Phone Storage feature " as well as a External 32gb Flash card installed but apparently the internal takes priority but it is never full [ ex. storage 785 mb, available 168 mb ] which if I go to my google play store and download a app of only 16mb, i get a message..error installing, you do not have enough internal storage space, please uninstall some apps to free up space, which I already have sufficient space to install. I also have a app which moves from internal to external card, but some apps on my internal will not be allowed to be moved to the external card. I am totally confused of why I am limited with these features and functionsHuh

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