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HTC One Wifi Password not saving

My wifi password is not saving. It seems that every time I switch to a different wifi access point, I have to re-enter the password even though I had already entered the password previously.

This seems to be happening when I updated to the latest ATT firmware 1.26.502.15.

In addition, the wifi intermittently toggles to "off" automatically.

Is anyone else having the same issues?


I have the exact same issue.

please anybody help me.
You can set HTC One to automatically log into a public Wi-Fi network that you regularly use. This saves you the trouble of going through the Wi-Fi provider's web authentication every time you connect to their Wi-Fi network. Just add your login credentials to the WISPr (Wireless Internet Service Provider roaming) settings.
Important: The access point of the Wi-Fi network needs to support the WISPr web portal. Consult the Wi-Fi provider for details.

Step 1: Slide the Notifications panel open, and then tap [Image: GUID1]
Step 2: Tap Wi-Fi.
Step 3: Tap File [Image: GUID2] > Advanced.
Step 4: Under WISPr settings, select the Auto login option.
Step 5: Tap WISPr account settings > Add a new account.
Step 6: Tap each item onscreen to enter the service provider name, your login name (with the full domain name), and password.
Step 7: Tap File [Image: GUID2] > Save
Step 8: Turn Wi-Fi on, and then connect to the public Wi-Fi network.
I am not sure why it is happening...have you tried to remove the existing wifi spots and re-add or toggle wifi on / off when you know you are in an area of connection?
Hey, Please reset your device and then connect your device to wifi and save it's password. After that your problem will be resolve.

See htc one hard reset method: click here

Hope this helps you.

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