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How to take screenshot on zte anthem 4g?
I can't even take screen shot on zte anthem 4g. is it the problem to mine zte anthem 4g phone or every ones got that?
please help guys and who have got that phone plz reply will be really appreciate. Thanks
To take a screenshot on your ZTE phone, you would need to press the power and home buttons at the same time. If that doesn't work, you would have to root your phone and use the android app drocap2.
To take a screenshot or screen capture with the ZTE anthem 4G, simply:

=> Hold down the POWER button and the VOLUME DOWN button.

This video will show you how to take screenshot?

Taking screenshots on any smartphone it's very easy task but Here I talking about ZTE Anthem 4G.

Simply Hold down POWER button + VOLUME DOWN button.

Please check it on your risk.


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