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How To Setup APN Settings for HTC Desire?
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AnnaMariya Offline

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How To Setup APN Settings for HTC Desire?
Hi guys,

I have HTC Desire and i have problem related HTC Desire APN settings. So my question is : How To Setup APN Settings for HTC Desire?

03-06-2013, 11:22 AM
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RagvendraKumar Offline

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RE: How To Setup APN Settings for HTC Desire?
How to setup APN / mobile internet and MMS on SIMPLE Mobile.

FOR HTC MyTouch4G, 4G slide 3G Slide, 3G w SIMPLE MOBILE carrier!!!
03-15-2013, 12:20 PM
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michael profumo Offline
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RE: How To Setup APN Settings for HTC Desire?
Basic APN Manual Settings:

GPRS-3G Settings

Connection Name: giffgaff - GPRS
APN - Access Point Name:
Proxy Server Address:
Proxy Port:8080
Login - Username: giffgaff
Password: password
MCC: 234
MNC: 10

MMS Settings

Connection Name: giffgaff - MMS
APN - Access Point Name:
Username: giffgaff
Password: password
MMS proxy:
MMS port: 8080
MCC: 234
MNC: 10
APN type: mms
05-14-2013, 03:52 PM
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Javed Khan Offline
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APN Settings for htc desire
Adding a new access point

You can add a new Access Point Name (APN) when roaming or if you have difficulty establishing a data connection. APNs connect HTC Desire X to data networks for services such as mobile web browsing.

Important: Before you add another data connection, have the access point name and settings from your mobile operator ready (including username and password if required).

Step 1: Slide the Notifications panel open, and then tap .

Step 2: Tap Mobile data > Access point names.

Step 3: On the APNs screen, tap > New APN.

Step 4: Enter the APN settings.

Step 5: Tap > Save.

Step 6: Select the new APN on the APNs screen.

I think APN setting of HTC Desire phone will be some thing like above.

07-04-2013, 04:07 PM
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