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How to see the people you blocked on wechat?

Can the person I blocked in wechat application knows that I did block him?


If you don`t want that person to see those, then just block him on your wechat account. When you block someone on wechat this person cannot see your timeline or moments in wechat.

Please follow the steps to block a person in wechat :

1. Open Wechat
2. Go to contacts tab
3. Select the contact that you want to block
4. While on his profile you can find a button with three white dots on the top right part of the screen
5. Select Moments Options
6. Then turn on "Add to block list".

Hi GameingWorldLD, Thanks for your response, it's really really helpful for me.

See the following video to block person on WeChat :


Add people to Moments Blocked List if you don't want to see their Moments updates. You can also now switch Private photos to Public.

[Image: logs_15.PNG]

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