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How to hard reset Samsung SGH-T528G phone?
Hard reset is the remedy or the solution for all big issues occurs on Samsung SGH-T528G. Freezing problems, hanging problems and all such issues can be removed by doing a hard reset. Hard reset is also known as the factory reset .

Samsung SGH-T528G hard reset : A hard reset may help like following example-

☆ With a blank or frozen screen
☆ Apps crashing or freezing
☆ Keypad/touch screen problems
☆ Can't hear, phone making noises
☆ Forgotten Pattern Lock
☆ Forgotten Phone Lock
☆ Forgotten User Code
☆ Can't make or receive calls and phone won't sync.

Note:Hard Reset(factory reset) will often remove and erase all of your personal data from the Samsung SGH-T528G phone. After doing hard reset not possible to recover your Samsung SGH-T528G phone data, so online backup is always important.

Before running, watch the following checks:
1. Please Maintain 80% Battery Charge and then turned OFF before beginning.
2. Save your important data to a safe location or external tab, hard drive, raid system media or SD card.
3. Check that really saved what needs to be saved
4. Back up emails.

[Image: ap-warning.png]To perform this process on your own risk

How to hard reset Samsung SGH-T528G step by step guide:

Step 1:In this step, press Menu.

Step 2: Now Go to Settings.

Step 3:Now Go to select Privacy then select Factory data reset.

Step 4: Then Select Reset phone then a prompt, touch yes to reset or no to cancel .

Step 5: Now Enter your phone password.

Step 6: Now your phone will be restart and erase everything.

Now your Samsung SGH-T528G phone has been restored at factory default.
If you forgot your password or lock screen combination it's very easy to format your Samsung SGH-T528G phone and get the original factory settings.Just Follow this steps:

Dial *2767*3855#

Warning! All your data including contacts, messages etc. will be lost!

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