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How to disable talkback in Samsung Galaxy S3?
How to disable talkback in my samsung galxy s3? pls give me any suggestions.

thks in advance..
Hi Mariya

Disable talkback is very easy task in Samsung Galaxy S3 you can do very easily. Please read following step by step instructions:

Step 1: Go to main menu and press on setting icon

Step 2: press on control panel

Step 3: click on Accessibility option

Step 4: on bottom talk back option is show press on it.

step 5: on top right corner there is on/ off option when press on it then popup box will show message "Tapping Ok will stop talkback"

Step 6: Press Ok

I hope this will help you.
TalkBack is a service that is particularly designed for blind and vision-impaired users and helps to interact with their phones more easily. The talkback feature will announce incoming calls, read texts through voices. Sometimes you may want to disable this feature.

This video will show you How to disable talkback in Samsung Galaxy S3?

I have followed this guide and its simple, good thing is that its working Smile cheers
Hi everybody, I have same issue, I tried above solution but, there is no success.

Please guide me through steps.

Hi Emanuel Lopes, Don't worry and see the following step by step guide:

Step 1: Take two finger and tap two times then two finger and swipe

Step 2: Now double tap on settings gear

Step 3: Now take two fingers and swipe up to accessibility

Step 4: Now double tap on accessibility then turn off talk back.

Hopefully it can resolve your issue.


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