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How do I change the lock-screen wallpaper?
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How do I change the lock-screen wallpaper? - 02-19-2013, 02:34 PM,

I've lost the ability to change my lock screen wallpaper (in the course of trigger-happy removal of some phone company apps). I used to be able to do 'Menu > Wallpaper' and be prompted for either the phone or lock screen, but now this stage doesn't appear and I'm taken straight to the 'Select wallpaper from' screen.

I'm looking for a way to get the lock/home screeen prompt back or failing that, possibly the location where the active wallpaper is stored in the file system if that would work, or an app that would let me change the lock screen wallpaper directly. (No luck with Google.)

I'm using an Orange San Francisco (ZTE Blade) running Android 2.1.1
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RE: How do I change the lock-screen wallpaper? - 03-28-2013, 05:14 PM,

In Windows Phone provides many ways to set a custom image as the lock screen background. Users are allowed to use Bing’s background, third-party app’s backgrounds, or a custom image. This tech-recipes tutorial will show you how to customize and configure the wallpaper of your lock screen.

1. Access Settings from the live tile or the app list.
[Image: Change%20Lock%20Screen%20Wallpaper1.png]
2 In the Settings list, choose the lock screen option to continue.
[Image: Change%20Lock%20Screen%20Wallpaper2.png]
3. If you want to set Bing’s wallpaper as your lock screen, tap the button under Background and choose Bing from the list. Your lock screen background will be updated as soon as the image on Bing changes. Beside Bing, users are allowed to choose wallpaper from third-party apps as the lock screen as well. The app will be listed here if the application is able to change the wallpaper.

If you wish to set your own background to a picture on your device, tap change photo.
[Image: Change%20Lock%20Screen%20Wallpaper3.png]
4. Choose the album that contains your picture. In this tutorial, I have picked the backgrounds album which comes with Windows Phone 8.
[Image: Change%20Lock%20Screen%20Wallpaper4.png]
5. Tap on the image you to view the full size. Select the check button to set it as your new lock screen background.
[Image: Change%20Lock%20Screen%20Wallpaper5.png]
6. You can test the result by locking your phone using the hardware button on the side and then unlocking it again.
[Image: Change%20Lock%20Screen%20Wallpaper6.png]

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RE: How do I change the lock-screen wallpaper? - 05-17-2013, 06:01 PM,

This video will show you how to changing the home & lock screen wallpaper.

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RE: How do I change the lock-screen wallpaper? - 05-20-2013, 07:04 PM,

1. From the Home Screen, touch Settings > Display Settings > Wallpaper.
2. Touch one of the available wallpapers.
  • A lock icon represents wallpapers that are locked.
  • A memory card icon represents wallpapers that reside on the memory card.
  • A film strip icon represents a video.
3. Touch an image to select it, then touch Set to set it as a wallpaper.
4. Touch Take Picture to take a picture for a custom wallpaper then touch Set to set the image as wallpaper, or touch Back to return to the previous screen.
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