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DecoTalk "LOUNGE" For Android Mobiles


LOUNGE is the cutest messenger with emoji,sticker,drawing.

DecoTalk "LOUNGE" -The Cutest Messenger with emoji,sticker,drawing-

If you’re finding for the cutest messenger, LOUNGE is here for you!

☆ 1,000 cute stickers & emoticons
★ Lovely drawing feature. You can draw a picture with your friend as well.
☆ You can adjust text balloon, color and size as you like!
★ You can send photo, voice message, map to your friends!

Moreover, the application is also linked with “StickerMaker Series” directly. The possibility to create customized sticker is unlimited!

By using LOUNGE ID, you can make new friends without telling your mail address or mobile number!

App Screenshots

[Image: QhmN0mdgA6diAWJpKUVDjN3rfM2MMTnhlUdRBkSS...JCfos=h230] [Image: B6CcLfxQEtOpupgtQ39YH636y0FSznbS_KRg6i0m...30YbQ=h230] [Image: WRiA7ASkPSHw7jBPNXmINDujwhj0X1EFGMbYb0Rr...KzE63=h230] [Image: lkc9a3c2TDDFiHLwmkFyOhw-iIRxPfwpWQKLsRkM...TNZl4=h230] [Image: oaFxf5nbSI61D0HSQ0YcPVD3pzZf0hiFKG_-xBuw...caEvw=h230] [Image: g7JRlP1pQR3CUmdn6UYub4mtkjUu-OtMlbSis2ml...ySTKg=h230] [Image: 6PVEcknShH3cOiYRKrY6WhH4TaOpFK3uzx6fopa8...mwHgQ=h230] [Image: Z3yoOZMoU2WTZXOP2IKZmdYX9JuKAVlI7VauQlB1...oKGCY=h230]

Download Lounge For Android

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