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Connecting phone to PC internet using Connectify
I am trying to connect my phone running ICS to my PC running Windows 7 to the internet using Connectify. Everything goes fine except when the phone tries to connect to my laptop wifi hotspot, it gets stuck at obtaining IP address . I tried to set the ip address to static in android but now it says connected but actually the phone is not connected to the internet.

As a static IP and DNS1, I set the address provided for the connectify network created in windows. I set the network length to 24 cuz without setting any value for network length, I wasn't able to save the setting in my phone.

How can I solve this problem?
Please see apply these given settings.
Setting on Mobile
Before Start Configuration,
You have to "Data" Option should be Enable in Android Phone.
To Enable "Data", Go to settings -> Wireless & Networks -> Mobile Networks –> Data Enable, Check this box (Check Data Roaming in case of Roaming).

configure Wi-Fi Hotspot in Android Phone.
For That go to settings -> Wireless & Networks ->Tethering & portable hotspot -> Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings -> Configure Wi-Fi hotspot.
Network SSID
Security – WPA2 PSK
Password – 87654321 or you can set any 8 digit number.
Save it.

Now in your android phone go to settings -> Wireless & Networks ->Tethering & portable hotspot and tap it.
Check "Portable Wi-Fi hotspot"

Now You will be able to use the data connection from the phone on your (Wi-Fi enabled Devices) PC/Laptop.

This method requires a rooted Android and a Windows PC, but it’s very easy to use. If your computer has Wi-Fi, it may be easier to create a Wi-Fi hotspot using a utility like Connectify instead.

  • > A rooted Android phone
    > Desktop or laptop computer running Windows
    > Working broadband Internet connection on the desktop or laptop
    > Android Software Development Kit (SDK) installed on the desktop or laptop (optional but recommended)


If your device is already rooted than you can skip this step.

What is “Rooted Andriod Phone”?

Rooting your device give you have full access to the entire system and can run special types of apps that require root permissions. These apps can disable bloatware, control app permissions, enable tethering, and do lots of other cool things.


Before you root your Android phone or tablet, there are a few things you should be aware of:
Warranty – Some manufacturers assert that rooting voids your device’s warranty. However, rooting will not actually damage your hardware. You can “unroot” your device and manufacturers won’t be able to tell if it’s been rooted.
Security – Google Wallet, in particular, has a vulnerability on rooted devices that could allow other apps to access your PIN and other wallet information.


The actual rooting process itself should only take a single click. However, you’ll need to do a few quick things first: Download and install the Java JDK and Android SDK on your computer before continuing. Java must be installed before the Android SDK. Enable USB debugging on your Android.

> On the device, go into the Settings –>Applications–>Development–> enable the USB debugging check box.

[Image: Connection.png]

Rooting With SuperOneClick

Download SuperOneClick
  • > Run the SuperOneClick.exe application.
    > Click the Root button in the SuperOneClick window and SuperOneClick should do the rest.
    > The process will take a few minutes. If you run into a problem, you might want to check the XDA
    > Developers forum for your device, which we mentioned above, or run a Google search.
    > Restart your Android after rooting it.


SuperOneClick automatically installs the SuperUser binary, which is also available from Google Play.

[Image: Connection1.png]

How to Use PC Internet Connection with Your Android Phone
  • > After rooting your device and installing Superuser.
    > Download the ZIP file(Reverse Tethering) to your PC.
    > Installation :
    > Unpack the zip file on your PC. This zip files contains the windows part, ADB and the android APK.
    > Enable USB debugging on your Android.
    > Transfer Android APK to your device and install it.
    > And run Windows part.

    [Image: Connection2.png]

    > You will see a window like this

    [Image: Connection4.png]

    > Click Refresh than Check DNS and than click connect first on your android device (USB Tunnel) and than on PC. And you done.
    > If it’s the first time you use the program, This will install the latest android package and the dependencies (busybox and redsocks).
    The SuperUser process may ask you to allow “Usb tunnel”
    If the android process crash after receiving superuser rights, close the windows program and start again.

Yes now I can do it very easily after find this thread.

Please tell me can I connect to any mobile phone android or blackberry phone or any other phone, suggest please.. Thanks
Hello Jitin,

I think that process same on every Smartphone which has features connect to TV.

So you can take help thread which is posted by "kakashi67 ".

Open Control Panel and select add device from (Hardware and Sound) category (or) select (Devices and Printers) from view by large icons

"add device"

Connect your Device by entering passkey on your mobile shown by pc

rightclick on connected device and create a new dial-up connection

enter DialUp phone number *99***1#

then connect by accepting your device verification

Hello all,

An eminent information shared on this post that should be very useful for many user who want to connecting phone to PC internet using connectify.

I got good knowledge about connecting phone to PC.

which is very useful for me so thanks for sharing this information.

Thanks again
Thanks guys, I am really very happy for your responses. Smile
Can I connect my Motorola phone also? Thanks

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