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01-19-2017, 08:40 PM,
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Building always was fun, so why don't you give it a try and start to build your own tower?
Build your tower now! Download Build and test your skills.
Build is the perfect arcade game which lets you build with blocks as high as you just can.
Stack blocks as high as you can, but be careful: They have to match with the next higher one otherwise you will loose a piece of your blocks. If you continue loosing blocks and your blocks are getting too small, you'll loose!
Choose from ~25 different skins to customize your blocks!
Stack blocks to beat your friends - or your own - highscore!
Download Build now for free exclusive on Google Play and start building today!
Support the Build! developer to make more great games with purchasing skins or your blocks in Build!
Link to Download:
[Image: if8dGFM2HZ_V3Mi8dPy41A2bcm_Dmz_sqRYZnPBm...Nc=h900-rw] [Image: VMXJ-QGgdNQIs6SYLECUJ7fpJTxqCnmH9Gjo4py2...Rw=h900-rw]
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