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01-08-2013, 07:54 PM,
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BlackBerry Torch Screen For Android Mobile


BlackBerry Torch is now on your Android Phone !!!
This app just make your smartphone look and feel like new BlackBerry Torch. Many icons are available and more to come!!!

Most of the icons on the screen will open up the relevant Android app when clicked. If there's no suitable app, or the app isn't installed on your device, it's replaced with a sponsored message. I am trying to make all this icons work , so I hope this feature will be available soon (BBM is not working !!!). The advertising revenue helps support the future development of this app.

** New **
New update is coming this weekend. All of the apps in screen will be your phone apps. So all icons will open up your relevant phone app. So stay tuned.

Battery icon works. So when your battery level changes, battery icon on top will automatically update.

★ Note ★

Since lots of people were concerned that BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is not working, I decided to remove BBM icon from app because it's impossible to create BBM. If You want to use BBM, then buy BlackBerry !!!

★ Upcoming Features ★

I hear You and try to make improvements... Upcoming features :
+ Working Battery indicator
+ Working 3G/Wireless display

[Image: eZYoYqIw4YVLRaEy45Z9QixUYJs5BgDXsDV4Ve1G...C3MpA=h230] [Image: rQWvmnzf-C70eujWnB4UffJKOKxhC4m7y5lPaxL_...a_1wU=h230] [Image: i2RkKP5uhVHlrNtnRwIZrAy_Der7XyVtr4T9GFFk...32tb8=h230] [Image: uZkvB5tvTlZdxOPtxJ6AwwlByTYUA1YGU_H6PiQM...sVe7w=h230]

Download Now!
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